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Gamma Ray Impact[X]
Title:  Starry night at YerkesRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Night Sky 
Spectral Type:  Optical 
Title:  Reviewing Data From the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Chryssa Kouveliotou | Gerald Fishman | People 
Title:  BATSE GRB distribution mapRequires cookie*
Facility:  Compton Gamma Ray Observatory 
Instrument:  BATSE 
Subjects:  GRB distribution map | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  Keck Mirror AssemblyRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Keck Observatory | Observatory (ground-based) 
Title:  Marshall Space Flight CenterRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Marshall Space Flight Center | Places 
Title:  Artist’s visualization of a merging binary systemRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Binary Star System | Gamma Ray Burst | Star | Compact Object 
Title:  Time lapse video of soft gamma-ray repeater J1550-5418 over six days, captured by the Swift space telescopeRequires cookie*
Facility:  Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer 
Instrument:  X-Ray Telescope (XRT) 
Subjects:  SGR J1550-5418 | Neutron Star | Compact Object | Soft Gamma Repeater 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  Artist’s visualization of J1550-5418Requires cookie*
Facility:  Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer 
Subjects:  SGR J1550-5418 | Magnetar | Compact Object | Star | Soft Gamma Repeater 
Title:  Oronce Fine, De mundi sphaera (Paris, 1542)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Armillary sphere | Instrument 
Title:  Neil Armstrong on the MoonRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Neil Armstrong | People | Moon 
Title:  Compton Gamma Ray Observatory being released from the ShuttleRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Compton Gamma Ray Observatory | Observatory (space-based) | Launch Vehicle 
Title:  First high-resolution details in gamma-ray burst host galaxyRequires cookie*
Subjects:  ESO 184-G82 galaxy | Galaxy | Supernova | Gamma Ray Burst | GRB 980425 | SN 1998bw 
Title:  GRB 970228 w/X-ray counterpartRequires cookie*
Facility:  BeppoSAX 
Subjects:  GRB 970228 | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  Detail from the frontispiece of Giovanni Battista Riccioli's Almagestum novum (Bologna, 1651)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Giovanni Battista Riccioli's Almagestum novum (Bologna, 1651) | Concepts 
Title:  Vela 5bRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Vela 5b | Observatory (space-based) 

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