Multiwavelength Astronomy Multimedia

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X-ray (10)
Optical (9)
Gamma ray (5)
Ultraviolet (4)
Infrared (1)
Photographic (79)
Artwork (36)
Observation (18)
Collage (11)
Chart (7)
Associated Lesson
Title:  Starry night at YerkesRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Night Sky 
Spectral Type:  Optical 
Title:  Artist’s visualization of a collapsarRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Collapsar model | Star | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  The Ultraviolet Spectrum of the Bright Galactic Star Zeta OphiuchiRequires cookie*
Facility:  Copernicus (OAO-3) 
Subjects:  Zeta Ophiuchi | star 
Spectral Type:  Ultraviolet 
Title:  Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope after the integration of the burst monitorRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  The Legacy of UhuruRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Marjorie Townsend | People | Uhuru | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  Gamma-ray penetration of materialsRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Gamma radiation | Concepts 
Title:  Crashing Neutron stars can make gamma-ray burst jetsRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Neutron Star | Gamma Ray Burst | Compact Object 
Title:  Swift InstrumentationRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  Swift Gamma-Ray Burst ExplorerRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer | Observatory (space-based) | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  Apollo 7 LaunchRequires cookie*
Subjects:  AS-205 Saturn IB launch vehicle | Launch Vehicle | Rocket 
Title:  HEAO-2Requires cookie*
Subjects:  HEAO-2 | Einstein Observatory | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  Reviewing Data From the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Chryssa Kouveliotou | Gerald Fishman | People 
Title:  AXAFRequires cookie*
Subjects:  AXAF | Chandra X-ray Observatory | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  Aerobee RocketRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Aerobee Rocket | Launch Vehicle | Rocket 
Title:  Air Shower SchematicRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Concepts | Cosmic Rays 
Title:  Atomic Pile [layer - photograph]Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Atomic pile | Events (Historical) 
Title:  Atomic Pile [sketch]Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Atomic pile | Events (Historical) 
Title:  Auger Observatory AnimationRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Cosmic Rays | Concepts 
Title:  Third Small Astronomy Satellite (SAS-3)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Third Small Astronomy Satellite (SAS-3) | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  BATSE GRB distribution mapRequires cookie*
Facility:  Compton Gamma Ray Observatory 
Instrument:  BATSE 
Subjects:  GRB distribution map | Gamma Ray Burst 
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