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africaSearch keywords (full text and metadata) for 'africa'
south africaSearch keywords for 'south' AND 'africa'
south & africa(same)
south AND africa(same; note 'AND' must be capitalized)
title:south africaSearch title for 'south' AND 'africa'
facility:moodley title:africaSearch facility for 'moodley' AND title for 'africa'
south | africaSearch keywords for 'south' OR 'africa'
south OR africa(same; note 'OR' must be capitalized)
africa -southSearch keywords for 'africa' not near 'south'
africa NOT south(same; note 'NOT' must be capitalized)
title:africa -southSearch title for 'africa' not near 'south'
title:africa subject:-politics Search items with 'africa' in title but not 'politics' in subject. Note '-' must follow ':'
title:-southMatch all items without 'south' in title
-africaMatch all items without 'africa' in keywords
south (africa OR america)Search keywords for 'south' AND either 'africa' OR 'america'
south africa OR america(same, due to precedence)

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