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Chandra Million Second Exposure


The Chandra Deep Field South refers to a location in space that offers a relatively clear view through the clouds of gas in our Galaxy, allowing us to clearly see the rest of the Universe in X-rays. This image was created by putting together multiple exposures from Chandra’s Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer for a cumulative exposure time of over one-million seconds. The multiwavelength observations of this region were carried out by a team led by Riccardo Giacconi in collaboration with scientists from the Very Large Telescope and the Paranal Observatory, both in Chile. Through the course of these investigations, the X-ray background was determined to originate from the central supermassive black holes of distant galaxies.


Chandra X-ray Observatory


Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS)


  • Chandra Deep Field South
  • Deep Field

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NASA/JHU/AUI/R.Giacconi et al



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X-ray Impact

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