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Volcano Ranch, New Mexico


(Left) John Linsley at Volcano Ranch. On February 22, 1962, Linsley observed an air shower created by a primary particle with an energy greater than 1020 eV, the highest energy cosmic ray observed up to that point. If a particle of this energy was created within the galaxy, it could not be contained in the galaxy. Linsley’s observations at Volcano Ranch suggested that not all cosmic rays are confined within the galaxy, as had been previously supposed. (Right) The plan of Volcano Ranch array in 1962, as it looked when Linsley made his observation. The circles represent 3.3 m2 scintillation detectors. Numbers near circles are shower densities (particles/m2) registered in the event. Point 'A' is the estimated location of the shower core.


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John Linsley Papers. Fermilab History and Archives Project, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL



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