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X-Ray History[X]
Title:  Aerobee RocketRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Aerobee Rocket | Launch Vehicle | Rocket 
Title:  Brooklyn CollegeRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Brooklyn College | Places 
Title:  Transmission of radiation through the atmosphereRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Electromagnetic spectrum | Concepts 
Title:  Herbert Friedman's Geiger CounterRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Geiger Counter | Instrument 
Title:  HEAO-1Requires cookie*
Subjects:  HEAO-1 | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  James FranckRequires cookie*
Subjects:  James Franck | People 
Title:  Naval Research LaboratoryRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Naval Research Laboratory | Places 
Title:  Orbiting Astronomical Observatory-3Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Orbiting Astronomical Observatory-3 (OAO-3) | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  OSO ConstructionRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  President Nixon Visits Apollo 11 Crew in quarantineRequires cookie*
Subjects:  President Nixon | Astronauts | People 
Title:  Dr. Robert H. Goddard and His RocketsRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Robert Goddard | People | Launch vehicle | Rocket 
Title:  Wernher von BraunRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Wernher von Braun | People | Launch Vehicle | Rocket 
Title:  Space ShuttleRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Space Shuttle | Launch Vehicle 
Title:  Sputnik SatelliteRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Sputnik 1 | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  The First Black HoleRequires cookie*
Facility:  Digitized Sky Survey 
Subjects:  Cygnus X-1 | Black Hole | Compact Object 
Spectral Type:  Optical 
Title:  The First Black HoleRequires cookie*
Facility:  Chandra X-ray Observatory 
Subjects:  Cygnus X-1 | Black Hole | Compact Object 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  NASA’s Great ObservatoriesRequires cookie*
Subjects:  HEAO-1 All-Sky X-ray Catalog | Observatory (space-based) 
Title:  HEAO-1 All-Sky X-ray CatalogRequires cookie*
Facility:  1st High Energy Astronomy Observatory (HEAO-1) 
Instrument:  Large Area Sky Survey Experiment (LASS) 
Subjects:  HEAO-1 All-Sky X-ray Catalog 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  X-ray Moon and X-ray StarRequires cookie*
Instrument:  ROSAT 
Subjects:  Moon | Star 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  NASA’s BeginningRequires cookie*
Subjects:  National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 | Events (Historical) 
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