720 XTF Search Results (expand=spectral-Type;f1-spectral-Type=Optical;f2-facility=Voyager 1);f1-spectral-Type%3DOptical;f2-facility%3DVoyager%201 Results for your query: expand=spectral-Type;f1-spectral-Type=Optical;f2-facility=Voyager 1 Thu, 01 Jan 1970 12:00:00 GMT Jupiter and its moons. Jupiter and its four planet-sized moons, called the Galilean satellites, were photographed in early March 1979 by Voyager 1 and assembled into this collage. Io is the moon in the upper left corner of the image, and is the moon that is closest to Jupiter. Thu, 01 Mar 1979 12:00:00 GMT