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Gamma Ray Burst[X]
Compact Object (2)
GRB 970228 (2)
Star (2)
All Sky Map (1)
Binary Star System (1)
Collapsar model (1)
ESO 184-G82 galaxy (1)
Events (Historical) (1)
GRB 050709 (1)
GRB 080319B (1)
GRB 090423 (1)
GRB 670702 (1)
GRB 980425 (1)
GRB distribution map (1)
Galaxy (1)
Neutron Star (1)
Observatory (space-based) (1)
SN 1998bw (1)
Spectrum (1)
Supernova (1)
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer (1)
Spectral Type
Gamma ray (4)
X-ray (2)
Optical (1)
Artwork (5)
Chart (4)
Collage (4)
Observation (1)
Simulation (1)
Associated Lesson
Title:  Types of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs)Requires cookie*
Subjects:  Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  BATSE GRB distribution mapRequires cookie*
Facility:  Compton Gamma Ray Observatory 
Instrument:  BATSE 
Subjects:  GRB distribution map | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  Typical Prompt GRB SpectrumRequires cookie*
Facility:  Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope 
Instrument:  Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM); Large Area Telescope (LAT) 
Subjects:  Spectrum | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  Gamma ray 
Title:  GRB 090423Requires cookie*
Facility:  Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer 
Instrument:  UVOT, XRT 
Subjects:  GRB 090423 | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  Gamma ray 
Title:  Gamma Ray Sky MapRequires cookie*
Facility:  Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope 
Subjects:  All Sky Map | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  Gamma ray 
Title:  GRB 050709Requires cookie*
Facility:  High Energy Transient Explorer 2 (HETE-2) 
Subjects:  GRB 050709 | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  Hubble Stays on Trail of Fading Gamma-Ray Burst Fireball, Results Point to Extragalactic OriginRequires cookie*
Facility:  Hubble Space Telescope 
Instrument:  Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph 
Subjects:  GRB 970228 | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  Optical 
Title:  GRB 970228 w/X-ray counterpartRequires cookie*
Facility:  BeppoSAX 
Subjects:  GRB 970228 | Gamma Ray Burst 
Spectral Type:  X-ray 
Title:  Naked-Eye Gamma-ray Burst Model for GRB 080319BRequires cookie*
Subjects:  GRB 080319B | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  Artist’s visualization of a collapsarRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Collapsar model | Star | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  Crashing Neutron stars can make gamma-ray burst jetsRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Neutron Star | Gamma Ray Burst | Compact Object 
Title:  Swift Gamma-Ray Burst ExplorerRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer | Observatory (space-based) | Gamma Ray Burst 
Title:  First GRBRequires cookie*
Facility:  VELA satellites 
Subjects:  GRB 670702 | Gamma Ray Burst | Events (Historical) 
Spectral Type:  Gamma ray 
Title:  Artist’s visualization of a merging binary systemRequires cookie*
Subjects:  Binary Star System | Gamma Ray Burst | Star | Compact Object 
Title:  First high-resolution details in gamma-ray burst host galaxyRequires cookie*
Subjects:  ESO 184-G82 galaxy | Galaxy | Supernova | Gamma Ray Burst | GRB 980425 | SN 1998bw 

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